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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 10, 2010 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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>> dicky: it's "jimmy kimmel live game night," powered by the 2011 ford mustang. from the cast of "grown ups," adam sandler, kevin james, chris rock, david spade and rob schneider. with kobe bryant. and now, in the paint, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. welcome to our viewers watching from the world. if you're counting, game four of the nba finals tonight from boston, lakers versus celtics. this is a funny thing. instead of rings, this year, the league is giving out championship ringtones. [ laughter ] did you know that?
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i guess the players get more use out of them. who needs jewelry when you can hear the "milkshake" song coming out of your pants, you know? there's been a little bit extra drama in these finals because of rumors that lakers forward lamar odom's wife, khloe kardashian, is pregnant. i hope she is pregnant. could you imagine a kid with lamar odom's rebounding ability and a kardashian butt? [ applause ] that could be the greatest player of all time. no one will be able to get within eight feet of the ball. but that's just a rumor. the fact of the matter is, we won't know whether she's pregnant or not until ryan seacrest productions sends a camera crew up her fallopian tubes or something. or maybe -- we will probably learn the old-fashioned way -- she'll tweet it. you know, the kardashians are accomplished tweeters. but the number-one tweeter in laker land, in my opinion, is ron artest. ron artest is to twitter what hot pockets are to the
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microwave. it's as if god designed his brain specifically for this purpose. he really knows how to tweet. but for those of you who don't twitter, we've hired a 7-year-old girl named cordelia to read them for you. so here's cordelia with the ron artest tweet of the night. i just got finished stanky legging. i'm quite embarrassed. >> jimmy: what a great way for kids to learn how to read. thank you, cordelia, and thank you, ron. it's an exciting time of the year for sports fans. it's world cup time. baseball's going on. the nba finals, of course, stanley cup finals. i'm pretty sure the "dancing with the stars" preseason has started. but the sport america is most excited about, without question, is pop-a-shot, and the name on every pair of lips is ricardo. now, ricardo is a busboy whom we happened upon completely by accident at a bar called barney's beanery.
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there he is. the man is unstoppable when it comes to pop-a-shot. on thursday night, he beat lebron james, the nba mvp, by 30 points. on sunday, he took down the round mound, charles barkley, beat him by 34 points. and now tonight, ricardo faces the black mamba, kobe bryant. [ cheers and applause ] as you can see, kobe brought his game face and his very tiny jacket. he flew all the way back from boston tonight for this. so -- could this be the end of the line for ricardo the busboy? we'll find out tonight. are you ready, ricardo? >> yes, i am ready. [ applause ] >> jimmy: who was more satisfying to beat, lebron or barkley? >> you know, barkley is a funny guy, but lebron is mvp, so i think it's lebron. >> jimmy: okay, lebron. i didn't get any of it except i heard the "lebron" part. you're a big lakers fan. are you nervous about facing kobe? >> i am nervous, because he's the best player, you know? [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: give me a -- just a yes or no would be good. [ applause ] never mind. it's all right. well, tell you what. don't let kobe get in your head. be the ball, ricardo, all right? >> okay. >> jimmy: be all five of the balls, okay? >> okay, jimmy. >> jimmy: very good. that's ricardo, and he will be pop-a-shotting a little later. [ applause ] nba fans are speculating now about the future of cleveland cavaliers star lebron james. lebron becomes a free agent on july 1st and obviously there are a number of teams that would love to have him. last week, lebron sat down with larry king to talk about it and to confuse larry with the title of a new movie he's involved with. >> you're doing a movie? >> yep. >> what is it? >> i'm doing a movie called "ballers." >> "balls"? >> "ballers." >> jimmy: i like larry's title better. the cavaliers could pay lebron james as much as $21 million a year if he stays there. that's more than oprah makes in a week. that is serious money. i was hanging around with my camera crew at the park today,
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and i thought it would be fun to ask the kids there how much they think basketball players make. >> "jimmy kimmel and the kids," starring the pied piper of television, jimmy kimmel -- and kids. >> jimmy: how much money do you think an nba player makes in a year? >> uh -- hmm. >> 11? >> jimmy: what? >> $11? >> jimmy: $11? >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: i think it's a little higher. >> 12? >> jimmy: $12? we're getting warmer. >> 40 cents. >> jimmy: 40 cents in a whole year? >> uh -- $100. >> jimmy: $100? >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: it's even higher than that. >> yeah. i thought so. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] >> ten hundred. >> jimmy: ten hundred what?
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>> ten hundred and five. >> $1,000. >> jimmy: it's even higher than that. >> yeah. >> $3,000 or something? >> jimmy: $3,000? even higher than that. >> aw, come on. >> jimmy: for real. >> $1 million? >> jimmy: you're getting closer. >> yeah. [ laughter ] i don't want to take another guess. >> jimmy: you don't want another guess? >> no. >> jimmy: you're going to stick with $1 million? >> yeah. >> jimmy: we have an all-star show for you tonight -- ricardo versus kobe in pop-a-shot and the entire cast of "grown ups" -- adam sandler, kevin james, chris rock, david spade and rob schneider. stick around.
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>> jimmy: howdy. welcome back to our game night
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special. later on, busboy ricardo, slayer of lebron james, slayer of charles barkley. there he is with kobe bryant. they're gonna play pop-a-shot. will ricardo's reign as pop-a-shot king end? and only time will tell. but now the starting lineup for your new movie, "grown ups," in theaters june 25th. from manchester, new hampshire, adam sandler. kevin james. from scottsdale, arizona, david spade. from san francisco, rob schneider. and from brooklyn, chris rock. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. almost like the "jerry springer show." that was exciting. >> rock-senio hall. >> jimmy: that was an incredible entrance. >> you got to continue with that in his mouth. >> my favorite part was dropping. >> that's right. you don't know what i was eating before i got here. >> jimmy: you want to know the craziest thing? he hates black people. this is hilarious. >> gotcha, gotcha. >> jimmy: i feel like the justice league has been sent to save us from me. [ cheers and applause ]
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it's great to see you guys. >> you too. >> jimmy: unfortunately, we're out of time. so -- no. you guys have been spending a lot of time together lately, haven't you? >> yes, yes, yes. >> jimmy: you all went to the basketball game. well, except for rob. everybody bot rob. >> rob was in cleveland. >> i was in cleveland, baby, at hilarities. you know what i'm saying? i had a gig. i had to work. >> he took out a full-page ad in the paper saying, "i chose not to go to that game." >> jimmy: sure. >> there was a lot of pressure on the court, you know. if somebody's ignoring you, how are you going to deal with that? >> jimmy: yeah. well, that did happen, though. that did happen to someone in this group. well, let's go to the video tape. >> what? >> chris rock's sitting right next to kobe bryant, shooting the breeze. the funniest man in the world, telling jokes, and take a look at kobe bryant. [ applause ] >> it's the finals! he's got to concentrate!
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>> jimmy: what were you saying to him? >> i told him i wanted my money! [ laughter ] he's sitting there, talking about he got shorts on and no money in his pockets. then give me some short money. >> jimmy: had you seen that before? >> uh, i was there. >> jimmy: well -- did you get yelled at by phil jackson after that? >> phil jackson screamed at me, man! and i was scared! >> jimmy: i don't blame you. >> i thought it was, like, my dad. i thought he was going to put his big phil jackson foot in my ass, or my butt, it's some primetime, right? >> jimmy: were your friends near to support you and to help you in this situation? >> phil jackson, you can't tell, because he just sounds like frankenstein. so, he's either nice or mean. it's the same. "hey!" and we're like, "hey!" but we are two feet away from the guys. we feel dumb sitting there because, you know, they don't like it because every week, it's four new idiots from some tv show. and they have to sit there
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and be like, "hey, dude," and have the same jokes to the players. >> jimmy: i think they do like it, right? i mean, they do like it. they like to have a little -- >> i think during the season they like it. i don't know about the playoffs, as you could see. >> finals. no, no, no. if he just looked at you, then they'd be saying, "kobe, your head's not in the game." that's why he couldn't look at me. >> jimmy: that is what it is, yeah. i'm sure he would have loved to have a nice chat with you, but, unfortunately, everyone would have torn him to pieces if he did talk to you. >> i still want my money. [ laughter ] >> rock was blabbing away the whole game, though. it was funny. because it's three hours. >> artest was listening to rock. rock had said, "you got to box out." rock kept saying, "you got to box out," to everybody who walked by him. "remember to box out. remember to box out." and artest was like, "yeah, you're right." >> it sunk in on one guy. >> jimmy: who was least interested in the game of the five or you? >> the gay one. [ laughter ] >> and by the way -- by the way, you can do this on that move. >> nothing wrong with a man enjoying another man, guys. come on, give it up. >> not that there's anything wrong with that. >> nothing wrong.
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>> jimmy: you guys played basketball together in the movie, and i assume that's the tie with all the basketball stuff, but you hired a professional basketball player. >> because sandler's rich! he can hire a whole team. >> jimmy: and who was that player? >> you said it like you drive a cab or something. [ applause ] >> my driver gets benefits, unlike your driver. >> jimmy: you hired -- >> pooh richardson. >> jimmy: pooh richardson. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you hired a clipper to train everyone. >> exactly. >> jimmy: so, that's not exactly throwing money around, right? >> we were happy pooh said yes, and he's a good man. he took -- i did it the most. these guys, i'd say, got a half hour in there or something. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we're supposed to be bad. but sometimes they would play 21 at lunch, and we'd gather around, and he would whisper to pooh. pooh would go, "so, what do you think, 19, 21 today? make it close?"
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adam goes, "that's good, yeah." and then adam would win every time. but it was good. >> jimmy: pooh would let you win? >> no, no. actually, i played one on one with pooh one time, and pooh was being nice to me. i didn't realize it. and i was playing pretty well. i was like, "am i about to beat pooh? this is nice." and then, all of a sudden, pooh turned on a different -- he said, "remember, i'm a pro athlete," and started swatting every shot i took. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're comfortable calling a grown man pooh? [ laughter ] that's either a bear or worse in my book, you know? okay. so, we're going to show a clip from the movie, which is the thing to do. and we have precious few moments with you guys, we want to do as much as we possibly can. we're going to be right back. the cast of "grown ups" is here. oh, and ricardo, the bus boy, versus kobe. we'll be right back. ♪ i wanna see you in the morning. ♪ ♪ i wanna see you when
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>> i hope that car never gets fixed. >> i don't think it will. took the spark plugs out. >> nice. and we're all looking at the same time. let's at least take shifts. >> yeah, good idea. >> glance over. everybody look at the tree. >> mckenzie, we're going to look at her butt for a little bit, okay? >> yeah, okay. >> all right. good plan. >> and shift. >> shift. >> shift. >> shift. >> and shift. >> what are we doing? >> wait. are we all looking at the tree right now? >> jimmy: beautiful story. that's "grown ups."
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adam, kevin, chris, david, and rob are here with us. >> and that's nothing. that's nothing. that's nothing. >> we're slowing down. we're slowing down in this one. >> that's one of my better scenes. i'm very proud. >> jimmy: yeah. you got left out of that, too, rob. this is terrible. >> one of my better scenes. >> jimmy: it's really becoming sad. >> that's rob's daughter in the movie. >> jimmy: yes, right. >> it is. >> jimmy: rob has two beautiful and one not-so-beautiful -- >> two good-looking -- >> jimmy: i'm sorry. yeah. >> one beautiful on the inside. >> jimmy: but in the movie, as the movie goes, you guys all have -- well, those of you who have children all have daughters, right? >> yes. >> we all have girls. >> jimmy: oh, you all have only girls. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow. >> that's what happens to pimps. >> jimmy: yeah. that is karma. and, so, the kids came with you and gathered for the filming of the movie? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: and did they understand why there are other kids playing your kids? >> that's always weird. >> yeah. that's always --
8:20 pm
yeah. >> jimmy: "why am i not me, daddy? why are you --" >> no. it's like getting caught cheating. when you're with your acting kids, you're petting their heads in the scene, like, "i love you." so, then you see your real kid. [ applause ] i'm sorry! >> pet my head, daddy. >> jimmy: but the kids understand, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: who among you do you feel like it was least likely that that would be a father? >> all of us. yeah, yeah. i would stick with spade. >> jimmy: stick with spade, yeah? >> spade, definitely. yeah, yeah. definitely. >> it's neck and neck with me and spade. let's go to the photo finish. >> jimmy: and, david, are you good with the gang of kids? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: you are? >> it's like a farm system for him. >> no, kevin. i don't even get that. no, jimmy, the kichlds are like, 4, but yeah. >> jimmy: they'll get older. >> the little kids in the movie, i had fun with, because i'm never around a bunch of kids, and i see adam's and rock's sometimes, but i see all these
8:21 pm
kids every day. so it was actually fun to hang out with them. they're nice. >> they all love david, too. >> they love uncle david. >> jimmy: oddly serious, david. oddly serious. >> i know. it's stupid. >> and david's baby's cute as hell. >> yeah. >> so cute. she would come by, and she would hang out with the other kids, and she was a gorgeous kid. >> jimmy: well, look at david. of course she's a gorgeous kid. >> exactly. >> jimmy: i want to ask a quick basketball question. you guys are all obviously very successful guys. maybe you understand kind of what he's going through. lebron james -- should he stay in cleveland? >> yes. >> jimmy: you believe he should? >> i think he will. >> jimmy: you think he will. >> come to the knicks. >> i would say stay because he leaves, he makes a little more money, but once you move, you forget. you have to wait for the cable guy all day. you know, that's one thing. you got to figure out shortcuts to work. takes a while. you got to audition restaurants, see what you like. who needs to do that? >> jimmy: so, convenience, really. >> most importantly, i'm sorry, but if he stays in cleveland, he gets to see schneider at
8:22 pm
yuk yuk. >> yeah. >> jimmy: thanks, guys. it's great to see you. thanks for all coming out together. "grown ups," the movie, is in theaters june 25th, and we'll be right back with pop-a-shot, kobe versus ricardo. ♪ i wanna see you in the morning. ♪ ♪ i wanna see you when ♪ the breaking day is dawning. ♪ ♪ you gotta go, you gotta go, ♪ ♪ it's alright. ♪ and when i get the same reaction. ♪ ♪ i know this time ♪ it's gonna give some satisfaction. ♪ ♪ you gotta go, you gotta go. ♪
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>> jimmy: we're back. if you are unfamiliar with the great game of pop-a-shot, you probably aren't drinking enough. it's a basketball game you find in bars. they have one at a bar called barney's beanery here in l.a., and they also have a busboy, a man named ricardo, who knows how to play it like maybe no bus boy ever. he beat charles barkley. he beat lebron james. and now the opponent we've all been waiting for, kobe bryant.
8:26 pm
let's do this. we go now to the great marv albert. marv? >> hello, america. i'm marv albert, and it's time once again for the "jimmy kimmel live" pop-a-shot challenge. all right. let's meet tonight's competitors. he is 6'6", 205 pounds, a perennial all-star and the 2009 nba finals mvp. here is kobe bryant. and he is 5'7", 148 pounds, and a full-time busboy at local watering hole barney's beanery. here is ricardo, the busboy. let's go to cousin sal for the tip-off. >> thanks, cousin marv. kobe, ready? >> yes. >> ricardo, you ready? >> yes. jump ball. kobe wins. >> jimmy: kobe wins the tip. that is not much of a surprise. and now kobe goes to work. here he is, a look of fierce determination in his eyes. he scored the first three, the first four, the first five. misses that one. there we go. wow. he's pretty good. he's doing well.
8:27 pm
the crowd is excited, chanting "mvp." look at the concentration. he's got ice water in his veins. kobe, in the leather jacket, firing one ball after the other, and all ricardo can do is stand and look on. kobe has 49 points, 52 points, and his final, 58 points! that's the best score so far for our nba players. ricardo might be in trouble. now here goes ricardo. his mission, to defeat his favorite basketball player. will he crack under the pressure? here we go. all right. and we are off to the races. all kobe can do is smile as ricardo dumps shot after shot in. ricardo absolutely on fire, and kobe, a combination of amusement and disgust. oh, that has got to be a foul.
8:28 pm
clearly, officials. they just stand there and say nothing. 79 -- 82 points! >> 82! winner! >> jimmy: wow, look at that. >> that's embarrassing. >> jimmy: all right. cousin sal gets slapped. hey, thanks to kobe. thanks to ricardo. thanks to marv albert, adam sandler, kevin james, rob schneider, chris rock, and david spade. their new movie is called "grown ups." it opens june 25th. please join us later on for a new show tonight at our regular time with bradley cooper, kourtney and khloe kardashian, slashy and odom, and music from taio cruz. thanks for watching. it was the right thing to do.
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